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Our AIR OPTIX® contact lens family provides you with easy monthly replacement contact lenses allowing you to choose the best and most comfortable lens for your eye. Our contact lenses are designed to be hassle free with the utmost comfort using our SmartShield technology making it easy to choose the right lens for you. We believe that your eyes should be just as comfortable whether you’re wearing lenses for farsightedness, nearsightedness or both! In addition to those, our lenses are also available in the following:

  • AIR OPTIX® Colors
  • AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism
  • AIR OPTIX® Night & Day extended wear

The AIR OPTIX® Colors allow you to have the comfort of the AIR OPTIX lenses, while allowing you to change your eye color. We know that it can be difficult finding a comfortable lens for Astigmatism, so we have come up with the PRECISION DESIGN 8|4 Lens Design for the utmost comfort, you will get the same comfort as the rest of the AIR OPTIX lenses, without compromising your eyesight. Sometimes life gets busy, and for those busy moments we have our AIR OPTIX® Night & Day lenses, there is no need to remove these every night, they are 100% safe to sleep in and provide the same great level of comfort as the rest.

We want you to have the freedom to choose the best lens for your lifestyle and we are always looking for new technology to increase our customer’s satisfaction and eye comfort.

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